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The Laws of Life


Dlroy Young

The Laws of Life
The Essential Relevant Path
Achieving that 6, which represents life itself, and the initiation of life, is the first goal of life. All life outside of that 6 is cut off from life itself, because the opportunity of sustained life is missing. 5 is a nowness that is now, 6 is the now that source [supply] and secure the purpose and opportunity of life - outside of this effort and capitalized opportunity no purpose and physical implementation of life`s purpose and its physical convening and records of it`s occurrences is possible or can exist. Where there is existence in the physical natural flesh world there must first be pre-existence in the spiritual thought conceived and agreed unseen spiritual world. This process is Thought Pathology and Pre-existence is planned through Thought Pathology, and before anything can physically it must have pre-existence. No tree can grow into physical existence except it first was a seed, then became i germinated seed, and being conceived as that which begin as a tree, be conditioned to succeed as a tree - all be it, the seed had first existed.
Where a man missed that opportunity to make good on such a time as now, he has a broken record , and that broken record is the record that that thing that he tried to do at that point where he missed the opportunity to focus - and had lost that chance, is broken because he didn`t make it. What happens there is as follows:
With this point of opportunity and moment of opportunity to initiate - as the 6 represents - what is to be initiated here is the life of that thing. Therefore, when the opportunity to initiate life is missed, the opportunity to initiate death is activated. Death means the negative outcome of any venture or the not factor side of which a man tries to achieve.
Because the death of the thing is now inevitable through the lack of focus that cause the position to be lost, with that opportunity lost being, the initial point, the tool that was to allow the man to make good on such opportunity is lost or destroyed, or in any case made unavailable where it shall be needed at the time that the plan should be executed.
Now imagine life on a sinking ship, where the ship had a leak, and that leak was where the opportunity was missed to keep the ship sealed. That spot - being not sealed - will cause the ship to sink, and them on that ship shall perish.
Where line upon line is required to seal a thing, no line shall be made to substitute another, because that opportunity to seal this broken path on a second attempt cannot exist, because the time and opportunity that would be borrowed in the now is also belong to what is to be done in the now, which cannot be that thing you failed to do in the past - because it had its own opportunity there, and that opportunity was missed. Therefore, that the missing line is a broken opportunity, and that broken opportunity denotes the death. Seek not to rase the dead that is already dead because it is dead, but make good on this opportunity that is now. The thought to recover what was dead and to study remorse from such missed opportunity prevents a man from making good on this opportunity, for he is attached to the laws of death, which is failure.
Therefore, seek for courage in this path, because the reason to deny courage will be eminent, and in the deepest point of your failure is where success must emerge. Therefore, seek not for great success, for that will not exist, but a point where you can stand still and breathe, and if things are not getting worst - where they were before - then the situation is improving. Patience will pay off if you just remain still, and yield not to the temptation to hop of the train or change things or move to a different platform.
When a man`s mind stray from the purpose of his purpose giver, to pursue a different purpose than the relevant purpose that his purpose giver requires, he is distracted from life to a lower life. If he is distracted by money, then Mammon is who`s will he obey and not God - his purpose giver. For this, many has been tempted by Mammon to forfeit the will and purpose of The Holy God. Thus they surrendered to lifelessness, and to them darkness shall be light and the light darkness.
No man had left the light and return to the light, for he who tempted them to depart from light is the government of darkness. What king over a country capture soldiers from another and let them go after such was in his custody.
It is impossible for a man to abide in the perfect will of God when he had not abide in the perfect will of God.
The governments of darkness can govern them that are in the will of God but are not in His Perfect Will, because in the will of God is both good and evil, but in The Perfect Will of God can o evil abide, neither can any evil come to affect them that are there.
He that is outside of the perfect will of God is lost from the presence of God while he is outside of the perfect will of God. as such Adam was lost when he departed from the perfect will of God. as such YHWH called to inquire, where art thou, because e was not His Presence...
Only what a man need is relevant, the things he wants are not
When a man goes into sleep he fell asleep wondering after that thing that he needs to keep him from falling asleep, because his objective goal before he fell asleep was to not fall asleep. Therefore, when his spirit became weary and he fell asleep his objective is to re-woke.
Sleep is not what a man wants if he can avoid it. Therefore, when the man - wanting to stay awake - fell asleep, his goal and objective there is to wake up again. Therefore, the difficulty and adverse situation that stressed out the spirit and cause hm to fall to sleep, is what he go into sleep trying to pursue answer for. He wakes up when he found that solution to life, whether he finds it in full or tentatively finds it.
Because of this, his whole purpose in sleeping is to awake again, and his awakening can only come when finds a solution to life. Otherwise, he continue to sleep. This makes when the man sleep his purpose is about one thing, and one thing only. The different places where the man goes in his sleep - as different scenes - he goes into these different purpose schemes to create different objectives, and these scenes serves as adjectives expressing a word that means the same thing.
In each purpose schemes, we see where one subject matter would be clear but the other details around it would be sketchy. This is because those things are not relevant to the subject matter and the purpose that the life in the spirit is trying to create.
Here in the spiritual life is created through the purpose and the purpose grants life - as only the purpose can - and the life that the purpose grants is possible because it is about one thing and one thing only.
If it is two then that life is no longer.
Now when the spirit returns from sleep it comes back into the natural where it is tempted by many things, and being tempted, the spirit can become distracted, to put its hands to many different things, doing so is death to the spirit and death.
Thus the law of life when a man is awake is the same law of life when he sleeps, and that law of lie is to stay focus on one thing. Only that thing that a man needs to survive is relevant, all other subject matter contemplation, and the putting of hands are bagages and lifelessness. Only one thing always matter, and that one thing is the relevant thing, and the only thing.
The more things a man has is the more bagages he has, the more bagages he has is the more stress he has, and the more stress he has is the less life.
The minute his eyes are opened and he sees other thigs around him to do and make an attempt to put his hand to anything - leaving his main subject matter - he sin, and in such an attempt comes death. Death starts with the deterioration of the health and body and spirit, as a declining fac5tor in life, where even the patience to wait is replaced with anxiety and hastiness.
Every move that a man makes in his spirit and his spirit body that is before the time when such an action should evolve is yielding to temptation, and the reward for such a transgression will come as a result pending to a later time in the near future....
The Spirit of The Lord and Impossibilities becoming Possible
What is that thing that seems earthly impossible, and appear that its supernatural if it occur? That impossible thing and thing that can only appear supernatural if it occur is the "with God all things are possible". This makes the impossible things possible, and the subject matter is that the impossible things are possible - with God.
Now take that the impossible things are now possible - with God. This means that what we are looking for here is to see the things that was not naturally possible becomes possible. Now what things are possible that was impossible? What are the blessings that we sought for in this regard. These are the answers to life and the things we seek to achieve, including all our best wishes, and infinite results and supplies.
No man can be with God and be without The Spirit of God, and so for a man to have the spirit of God he must be first immersed into the The Spirit of God, and The Spirit of God must be in him. In order for him to have the spirit of God in him he must have the Fruits of The Spirt of God. For as a man is what he eats, so is he that feast of the spirit of God, have The Spirit of God in him. As The Spirit of God is in him then so the man has God in him, for God is a spirit.
It is not by power, nor is by might, but it is by my Spirit, saith the Lord.
Patience is harder than any other sacrifice that a man make, because to sit and wait at nothing is hard. Howbeit, life comes through the act of patience and long suffering.
Whereas the law of impatience destroys a man`s hope where he pursue such impatience the law of patience doth preserve a man`s life when he pursue patience. As one law pertains to death and destruction - through the path of violence, so does the opposite of that law pertains to life and the furnishing of Good things - through peace.
Inside where a man pursue violence, or where his peace is erupted, is the destruction of his blessing and hope. The same things that are destroyed there are the same things that would come through on an opposite positive scale. Therefore, the error is the failure to have peace where matters of spiritual warfare arrives....
Therefore, be not tempted to anger, for where there is anger the heart conceive of violence in response to matters of anger, and such conception plants destruction in a man`s path.
The power through anger is the power to destroy, and evil set against evil has only temporary solutions that eventually leaves a man powerless. The man with peace shall govern over him who has not. Therefore, the power of a great government of fear is subjected to princes of peace, and that trap that is put in the path of such righteous man shall fade away.
As the wicked lay in wait
The wicked lay in wait for the blessed and servants of God but The Spirit of The Lord took a higher path. Thus where a man is lifted up he ascended to a path where the lower spirits cannot attain to. It is by this a man is saved, not man defeats an enemy on there own turf, for the government of the enemy is there, and that government is subjective, and them who agreed there are subjected there. He that eat of the crumbs of the wicked, had dined into his house. For a man to have The Spirit of God he must be filled with The Spirit of God, for God is holy...
Hungry Out - Is another part of the Denial of The Flesh that grants the man power over the body and the health as the exercising of the Fruit of The Spirit also did
Notice here I say "Fruit of the Spirit", thus singularzsing the term. This is because The Fruit of The Spirit is sacrifice, and all that involves entails personal sacrifice. Personal sacrifice because the sacrifice of one is different from the sacrifice of the other, with the same thing sacrificed being of a different value in meaning to a different person in question, think of "the widow`s mite"....
Hungry out is and the principle of it takes the same sacrifice as being patient towards something else, because its the same patience, and that patience is a purpose that is patience itself. In hungry out the man did eventually eat, but he chose a later time down the road to eat, and it is the patience that gave him power and prevent the food from destroying him.
The whole law of not waiting to the end and for the right time to act is destruction, it`s like hopping of a bus before it come to a full stop, and the earlier you hop off is the more damage it cause. There is a universal law there at work.
Any thought that a man has, or any agreement on a thought, or any action on a thought, that is without the exercise of patience, is by universal law destructive to the man`s path - because it is done without the spirit of God. Nothing that did not make it to the end can - by law - receive what is at the end.
The default of life is set to all good things, but man through lack of patience destroy forfeit the good things.
Where a good thing was created through thought perception, the thing was already created and created good. Therefore, in order for one to not achieve it it must be destroyed in conquest.
The man who is hungry because he cannot afford to eat is hungry nonetheless. Therefore, he is entitle to any benefit that comes from being hungry. Where he has not the patience of God he has not the patience of God, he cannot benefit from that which he has not.
Now even where the man has waited and has now come to the time where he is to eat, and in such consumption he has not the patience of God, where this occur there is the point of destruction there. He could have overconsumed thought greed and defeat the purpose of not consuming thought restraint. Where the limit was none and none granted him power thought patience, then the limit of little is more powerful than the limit to much...
If restraint was better then less is better than more, and in restraint itself there is power. this means that what we should restrain from is what promotes the destruction of life, and that which is our objective to restrain from is pleasure. Therefore, a man have power thought restraint from pleasure and not thought indulgence of pleasure, for that is death.
While a man seeps in and enjoy the pleasure that is provided to him thought the flesh, his misery awaits him, and the same things that was to make him happy made him sad.
The purpose of the temporary life is for sacrifice
The Spirit of the Lord have no interest in the things that a man wants but only the things a man need. The things that a man want should be the things that he needs or else the things that he wants have to relevant purpose. As such, those things have no life because the have no relevant purpose.
Now because those things that have no relevant purpose have not life - because they have not - then they are dead things and carry the lawlessness of death, and those who pursue them are recipients of such spirts.
That which a man pursue - on the behalf of another - that addresses the person`s want and not the person`s need, is that which is affected with the lawlessness of death to them who pursue. Therefore, owe to a man only that which their life depends on but fulfill not his wants, for that puts you in a place where the Spirit of the Lord is absent, and a man is outside of his purpose there. Mammon promises a man the things of the world, but Mammon cannot give life because Mammon is lifeless. Therefore, those who pursue money without the purpose and Will of God, had placed a lifeless and hopeless game.
Except The Spirit of The Lord empowers a man he has no wit to fight of and defeat death ....
Temporary Death Life
A man`s physical body is his temporary body, his physical body must be sacrifice before he can inherit a permanent. He cannot enjoy pleasure in the physical body and then enjoy pleasure in the spiritual body, for the pleasure of the physical body destroy the life that is to be in the spirt body, and presents misery there. Therefore, any religion that grants a man pleasure in the temporary flesh body is false. No salvation is possible without the denial of the flesh, and the sacrifice of desires in the flesh body.
Howbeit, a man have to first live before he die. Therefore, his temporary life was given to him for sacrifice and not to enjoy, since he must die in his temporary life - because it is a temporary life. A man have no life outside of his purpose - for it was his purpose that was ordered that granted him life -
Where there was first no temporary life, there cannot be a permanent life after. This means that the life that became first that temporary life was initiated at first and conceived at some point in time, it could not have permanently existed. If it was permanently existing then it could not have come to be temporary i because its permanent.
Now after a life become permanent then it is no longer temporary, because if its permanent it cannot be temporary. The life that was temporary and then became permanent has no become permanent. Being permanent, that life cannot return to be temporary. Therefore, there is no such thing as reincarnation. That which dwelleth in a permanent space dwelleth permanently, where such could appear again in the temporary space, the permanence could not have existed...
The Destruction of Distraction
Its interesting to know that while a man is in his natural life, he is subjected to a lot of distraction from his purpose - which leads to deeper distraction - and from there is the science of a lost soul. While the soul is where it is being lost it have no recollection of how and where his state of lost begins, and he cannot find the answer there because he was being distracted where he was lost.
Where he takes his eyes of what he was doing to gaze upon another purpose he lost the purpose there, for it is that strike that was missing that marks death to his purpose, for now he is inconsistent.
It is that compromised spirit that had beckoned unto him to accept a compromise, and succumb to a weaker thing. That compromised spirit had to come wherever decent is to occur, because that weaker spirit - that will render the failure of a higher better purpose - must be deployed.
Therefore, the dependency is that thing that poses itself as an alternative, and proposed that it have the answer to life`s pursuit.
The problem that the solution propose to solve is created by the solution itself, for it was that weak spirit that brought about the solution to its weakness. Therefore, it created that path. No path created no purpose to fulfill such though, no thought no thought perception, no thought perception no thought projection, no thought projection no pathology.
The weaker law shall implement where that weaker law exist, it will not allow a stronger law to exist where it exists. Faith and faithlessness cannot be both executed at the same time, it must be one in the stead of another.
While a house has intended to be a house, it is not yet a house. Now evil and negativity destroy the house. Where there is chaos and descent the house cannot be built, for it is that which destroys the house. Therefore, the attempt to establish a house on such grounds is to destroy it. No man can live inside of a house where there is chaos, Therefore the house is destroyed.
I had written about this law before - but not to this extent
Anything comes out of the body must not return to the body. Therefore, when a person wears a mask and coughs in that mask, that same cough that was in that mask is ingested back into the body. Now remember that that cough did already came out of the body, so when that cough that comes out return it will come back out, because the body had rejected it. Now the person develops a cough because the body is now set to reproduce a cough, and where this reproduction had occurred it will continue to reproduce. This means that the person is left with a condition where he/she coughs all the time...
Now also - by the law of association - any disease or health condition that is associated with a cough that person will also attract that condition to them. Furthermore, the breaving limitation that is associated with wearing a mask also attracts diseases and condition that makes it hard for people to believe. He that believes in a thing believes in the purpose of that thing, and the benefits or ills of that thing shall affect them. Therefore, the person who advocate wearing a mask will likely be affected with the conditions caused by the mask - as mentioned above. The governments of ill faith had affected them who supports or endorse such ills, and to them who made themselves advocates, they fell under those curses.
If anything that goes into the body must not return to the body, then because what comes out of the body was only in the body for a time, then what went in the body has a limited life, because it went into the body to preserve the life of the body and return after a while because it became lifeless.
Leftover foods that went into the body have went in after the time when they should have been consumed. Therefore, the food - as such - when consumed promotes death and not life. Then also is processed foods dangerous to the health, because it had past the time when it should have been eaten. The past is lifeless, and that which is past causes death.

Mammon - The Money God

I asked you how many Gods there are, and you said unto me "there is only one God". Behold, two Gods, one is the God of life - as we know -, whose purpose is power, and the other is Mammon, the god of money and of the flesh, whose purpose is death and powerlessness - through the law of death.
I teach you that very few people worship the God of life -for he is attracted through the denial of the flesh. Those who attempted to worship him while attached to the flesh and the things of the flesh ignorantly worshiped Mammon in place of the God of life, for the law of pleasure in the flesh is death to the flesh, and there is no life to any man without the denial of the flesh.
A man worship Mammon through the love of money and the things that money can afford, and as he indulges in these pleasures he feast of death, and his death is eternal - while Mammon governs his life. In death he has life - through the spirit that dieth not - and that life is eternal, where their temporary life has already been lost.
Now as the god of money is Mammon, let the love of money be called Mammon, and thus in mentioning Money I speak of Mammon.
Money is wicked and separate families, and those who came from common places and were neighbors without it became strangers when they come in pursuit of it. When they leave their home land and migrate to other countries in pursuit of money, they no longer come together and do things in the neighborly ways they use to.
When money appears and fell into the hands, such receivers place themselves in a higher class, and no longer hangs and spend time with those he use to. Money teach him not to care about the feelings of others, as the mindsets are changed to not accept.
The thing that made a man change makes him change more when he has more of it. Therefore, the more money a person have the more he becomes selfish. Money never satisfy, it seeks always for a greater number than it is, and the spirit in this is permanent. Therefore, greed is never full.
The rich hates the poor and cares not about his welfare. Therefore, to him is no concern whether such live or die, or be fed or homeless.
Money pulls the trigger of a gun and leave its victims flesh body to compete against iron bullets. Money have no conscience and does not coexist with conscience, and replace conscience in the hearts that it inhabits. Money doesn`t pick up the phone and call even when its obvious that it hadn`t done so in a while, because those who were subjects of interest are no longer.
As the love of money is the ruth of all evil, it destroys the marriage without and it destroys the marriage within. No one can prove true friendship with the absence of the involvement of money, and no friend that`s changeable with money is a friend. Therefore, all the times you spend with such a one is wasted. When you spend time with a changeable friend you spend that time fulfilling what will bring about your demise, for where there is an opportunity to bring about your defeat, that person is an element of such defeat, and is a part of the equation.
A friend that is not a friend is an enemy. Those who are not in your life to support you are in your to rob you.
Hate cannot be tamed. Therefore, your gifts and charity towards them that hate you are a wastes, they go in and are destroyed as if they never happen, and as the river runs to the ocean and the ocean is never filled, such is the waste of effort. Therefore, change the hater first before you assist them, and support not that spirit that is against you, for it will make you broke.
Never address a person`s need without addressing the cause of the need, for the assist with the cause of the need will remove the case of the need. Where person is given the word and they accepted the word, that word - being accepted - shall grant them the power to do what`s in it, and in so doing this person shall eliminate all future cases. Therefore, the helper who addresses the cause had grant permanent help and is permanently rewarded.
Therefore, it is better to offend a man by telling him what he needs than to protect his feelings while his faults are eminent. He that open up the eyes - by addressing the fault - is a light to those whose eyes are opened, he that offended none has offended all.
Mammon will bind the hands and feet of those who worship Mammon, and in such he had disabled them and place them with the spirit of subjection, to the abyss shall they go, whilst continue to support and pledge their allegiance to that same thing and behavior that got them there. Them that are bonded under such vicious cycle have the mark on there forehead - 666. For in that they were deceived.
Great is the number of them that are lost through the government of mammon. Those who remain in the cross are few in number, for scarcely can even the righteous be saved.