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The Cause of Failure


Dlroy Young

The Cause of Failure
The Spirit Whose Purpose is Executed
Every person is in subjection to a spirit, and people cannot be better than the spirit that governs them. The things that we are doing with the people we chose to do them with are irrelevant things when those people are attached to destructive spirits and purposes, because the purpose of that negative purpose is the only purpose that matter, because it is what shall execute.
Therefore the things that we are trying to do is not the first thing to pay attention to but to ensure that the people whom we are trying to do them with are not a distraction from that very purpose itself, because of the subjective spirit that is in them that they are loyal to - whether they intend to or not.
When you involve people that are under the government of subjective spirits into your goals and projects, the subjective spirits will prevail, because it is a subjective spirit - and that project will not succeed.
The Cause of Failure
The thing in the project that belongs to a different purpose than the one that the purpose is is the cause of the failure. At the point where the plan is about to execute, what prevents it from executing is what hinders it from executing, and that is the outsider....
This means that if the decision was not made to platform unto another purpose then the purpose in question would not have been destroyed. This means that that same place where the decision was made to move outside of that purpose would have been the opportunity to provide there what would cause the project to succeed.
Excess: Therefore excess prevents the project from succeeding - too much is too little, and too little doesn`t go far enough.