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What is Woke (Wokeism) - The Political Trap


Delroy Young

What is Woke (Wokeism) - The Political Trap

We`ve seen these days a lot of Conservative political party advocate using the term "woke", so we are here to define "woke", and to explain why there is a movement going on.
In the black civil rights movement "woke" was used as a way to say "pay attention to the things going on around you, and be conscious of the Intent Designs" and what the ultimate goal is. For instance, the strategies they put in place to keep the negro race poor. Now, obviously if you are not awoke then you are asleep - meaning you are not conscious of the plan they put in place to keep you down.
Therefore, to be woke is a good thing, and this is obviously the position to take if one has to choose between sleep and woke. Obviously woke cannot be a bad thing, but here we going to see how cunning the Fox is.
The alphabet group, which is the LGBTQ movement, are adding more letters as the go, and the more letters they add is the more abominable it gets. The LGBTQ movement is the train to hell and every letter added is another coach. This group represents abomination, and abomination in the worst sense. Any thing that the alphabet group hangs on to is pulled with the train to its afore mentioned destination.
The Black Civil Rights movement has in common with the LGBTQ movement , the same objective of fighting to achieve equality. Therefore, the Black Civil Rights movement is being infiltrated by the alphabet group. The NAACP had recently held an award where they grant an award to Dwayne Wade son. Now ask yourself why is that an objective for the NAACP, and notice the evidence that the Black fraternities are being taken over....
Here the Conservative movement can strike against the LGBTQ movement on the account of family values.
Now once the LGBTQ Movement gets seated with the Black Civil Rights Movement, the color, and the reputation, and the value of The Black Civil Rights movement is tainted. This means that tentatively, the Black Civil Rights Movement will become ineffective and eventually die.
Now when the Conservatives spoke against movements such as The Black Lives Matter movement, those arguments will sell because of the LGBTQ agenda that the Black Movement is tied to.
If the Conservative party is against woke then its for sleep, and as such have the agenda as death. The Conservative party now represents death and destruction, and lack of any truth. Therefore, all who are with in is lifeless, but lifeless in a way they cant even see. It`s leaders are immoral, its rights are wrongs, it is one of the most dangerous thing that a man could ever associate himself with. They saw they are for God but they are deceived, for their God is Lucifer, and their leaders are devils.
Now as just the same, anyone who supports The Liberal agenda supports what they represents, which is the train to hell.
Therefore, both the Liberal agenda and the Conservative agenda are evil. For the devil has two hands, those who escape from his right hand to the left are still in his hand, and those who escape from the left to the right are still in his hands.
Politics is therefore a trap, and the Devil - who is the author of confusion - is in control of both political party.