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The Enemy Seems to be Mad when we don`t get Mad -

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Delroy Young

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The Enemy Seems to be Mad when we don`t get Mad

The spiritual world cares not about a man`s beliefs, that have no power over the laws there. Therefore, a man`s religious beliefs doesn`t matter here, neither is the church that whose denominal name he records with the state. Therefore, pay attention to the laws I shall explain and use your wisdom to discern, and escape the judgment of God. This is a testament that I came and teach

I was thrown out because I had an emergency that they did not understand, and I acted on it. Therefore, I was asked to leave, and I did so humbly without saying a word further. The thought of holding animosity came to my mind - as a question - but I resisted that, and to date i held no grudges or indignity against them that were there. Neither had I planned to challenge that matter in the future, but I desire to advance love and peace when I come into contact with them again.

What I saw in the days that follow were more challenges to my faith, some of which I considered mindless, as if he who poses the schemes of those temptations - and their operations - is not aware of the stance of my faith and what my standings were with YHWH God - I found it strange that they were not aware of my standings with God.

The second thing I learnt is the first thing that I will mention, and that is that the tempter for sure, knows not what is in the will of the people of God to do the Will of God, he seems to underestimate us. He things that we would fall to temptations, and he is hoping that we fall, because when he judges us he judges us wrong, and when he accuses us he falsely accuses us. However, while I make mention of this finding - as I had already did in previous writings - the matter that led me to write this path is what I will discuss now below.

The part that I found so interesting is that the tempter is awfully angry when we did not get angry, so does it benefits hell when we get angry and concedes to evil thinking? Why does that benefits hell so much that they would amp up the struggles, by reappealing and escalating to a greater temptation, and create more challenges to accomplish getting us angry and falling under the government of The Red Horse?

The government of darkness seems to lose power over us when we choose love and peace and reject the spirit of The Red Horse. Therefore, when we overcome the challenges they set before us, and handle these situations based on the law of peace, they seem to have lost, even though it is none of their business - or so we thought - how we handle these situations.

The things that bother you and causes you to stress will always appear and re-appear in your life until you overcome the weakness of allowing those things to affect you

I found out also that where you fail to overcome temptation, those subject matters on which you failed keeps repeating themselves every day. There is a shark in the water, and that shark wont bite except you walk in its path. Where you had walked in its path there was also the decision that could have been made to avoid what happens when you walk in its path. This means that we have a choice. A man falls into hell when he is tempted and heeded to that temptation, and he is saved from hell where he did not heed to the same temptation, he heeded to that causes his lost. Now there is temptation everywhere and, in every thought, and the way temptations are handled is a matter of choice.

A ship that is set on the ocean to sail must be sealed from leak. Where there is a leak, the water will seep in and that ship will eventually sink. The water seeps in because there is an opportunity, and that opportunity is the leak. Now had that link not been there would not have been an opportunity for the ship to leak, and therefore, the ship would have been able to stay afloat and not sank to bottom of the ocean. In the same sense, where a person has a weakness in his spiritual life where situations faced him/her on a daily basis and he is left to deal with it, it is important that he/she does not let that situation exploit your spirituality.

Rest assure that those situations only come because there is a need that you overcome them. Temptation will allow you to look on the situations themselves and be blinded as to why they appear. Learn this: The only thing that matters in every and any situation that you are faced with in your life is how you handle it . This stance that you had acquired by overcoming situations that appears to try your faith is the only permanent thing that can come from that matter. The situation itself - being path of a temporary life - is temporary when you are paying attention to the situation itself as it appeared to be. Now from this temporary situation, what comes from it permanently is the handlings, because if the situation is handled without regards to your spirituality, then that loss of the opportunity to make good on the opportunity to invoke the spirit of God is a permanent lost. Now so is the gain of handling the situation based on the Spirit of God a permanent gain.

The only thing you take back into the spiritual is the spiritual, the natural material, natural and earthly things and the cares of life matters are left behind, because they are temporary. Your treasures in the spiritual are your treasures in the spirit, and where your battles in the spirit were lost, you become bankrupt in the spiritual, and that is eternity. Blessed is he whom when he is reviled not, and when he is tempted sin not, and when he is persecuted persecute not, for it is in these things a man stores his treasures in the spirit. Let hate be your enemy and exhort peace at every opportunity. Pray for them that are lost, that the God of light will appear to them, then by a matter of conscience some will find peace.

Where the subject of temptation had not posed itself there is not an opportunity to overcome it, and where a temptation was not overcome the heavenly rewards that comes after temptation is overcome cannot be attained. Without the existence of the flesh the denial of the flesh is impossible. Therefore, without the flesh, the rewards to overcome the flesh, is not either possible. The flesh body is possessed by the spirit body and determines the direction of the spirit body - by the choices that the flesh body makes - where the spirit body will inherit permanently because the flesh body can only be temporary, therefore a permanent reward cannot be granted to it.

Eternal or permanent life can only be granted to The Spirit Body , because the flesh body - being temporary - cannot inherit that which is permanent, because a temporary thing cannot contain a permanent thing, because it couldn`t permanently contain it while being only temporary. This means that the flesh body cannot inherit eternal life, as it is written flesh and blood cannot inherit eternal life

If flesh and blood cannot inherit eternal life then this means that the law of the flesh is death. Then so is the world that the flesh is in is according to the law of death, because it houses the flesh that is corruptible and died. Therefore, it is evident that the thing of the world also brings death when a man is attached to them, and he has not life in the spirit while he is attached to the world...

As the spirit body dwells in the flesh body, the law of the spirit body is one thing, and the law of the flesh body is another thing. The flesh body is not intelligent enough to make correct decisions, and when it is set to govern, it causes the spirit body to be subjected to the law of the flesh - which is death.

What causes Nightmares?

The same spirit that is a man`s life while he is consciously in the flesh and natural body and wide awake, is the same spirt that goes into the spirit world when he falls asleep. His spiritual status that was made less powerful and subjected through falling to temptation while he was awake is no stronger in the spiritual to overcome the things he already consented to while he was awake, because the purpose that the man agreed to have laws that creates purpose schemes and causes his dreams or nightmares. Where a person`s thoughts were according to darkness, he becomes lost and falls under the laws of darkness in the spiritual. Therefore, the wicked cannot escape the judgement, because the consent to evil is a law and a government over those who agreed to it.

Any though to do any evil or any thought to hurt any man, as such a thought was conceived in the flesh, as these are thoughts to subject others, you fall under the law of subjection in the spirit and becomes subjected there in the spiritual. You cannot be exalted in the spiritual where your deeds and actions towards others are punitive. Therefore, woe to those who have or is given power in this life and use such power to subject their brother or use such power in a punitive sense. Such a soul is cast away into darkness, and where that soul fail to reverse that action before he left the temporary body, he/she is permanently doomed and subjected for eternity.

Every man that is born in the flesh is dying from the day he was born, for the body must perish in a few years, whereas that same body - that eventually perish - came out new as a newborn baby. The body in the flesh had more life in the beginning than it has in the ending, and where a man dies of an untimely death, he simply avoids the process of becoming debilitated and cuts his life short. However, the man who made choice of an untimely death and the man who lives all his days both die, and all his days are not all the days.

The spirit never dies, only the flesh body die, because the flesh body must die because it is a temporary body by law of the flesh. Now in sleep, the spirit escapes the flesh body on a daily basis, when the body of the flesh gets too tired and stressed, and the spirit becomes frustrated and escape to seek for a better life. Here its evident that the spirit have a habit of escaping the flesh body when the conditions with the flesh body are not vibrant enough to sustain what the spirit body is trying to accomplish. Afterward, when the flesh body has rested enough it becomes vibrant again, the spirit then returns. Howbeit, the same way when the flesh body is destroyed the spirit only refused to return to it because it is not capable of enjoying life in it any longer.

This means that the spirit body continues to exist in the spiritual but cannot return to the flesh body - because that is no longer an option, so the spirit continues in the spiritual, without consciousness of the existence of the flesh body or the life it had lived before in it.

Nightmares comes where hatred is in the heart, or where revenges is conspired, and animosity grows. The thing is that while those unpleasant nightmares occur when the flesh body was available, a man could always escape from the nightmares and the spirit could flee back into the flesh body. Now when that flesh body is gone, there is no way to escape back into it - since it no longer exist. Therefore, the torture of the hideous things that hate had created in the spirit world, is let to permanently pursue that soul. The man who finds himself in this position is permanently tortured there, because the flesh body is no longer available for him to deny and obtain grace and mercy. This leaves him under permanent subjection to the tortured and torment in the spiritual world, where a man is in his permanent body.

A man needs to humble himself while he is on the earth, and do no evil, for this temporary life is just a probation. For to go into the spiritual without grace and mercy is permanent subjection, there is no peace for those whom The Red Horse has overcome, for that spirit brings torment. The only thing that matters in the spiritual is a person`s deeds, he will not bring his personal possessions there, he will not even remember that he had a life in this world, except where that is set to mock him of the follies, he had committed in the body.

What Matters Most on The Earth

The most important thing in the earth is we handle every situation that we are faced with according to the will of The Life Giver. The gift of God is life, and life that comes from God is everlasting life. The person who fears God thinks about what is in God`s will every time he/she makes a decision. Where that mentality is non-existent, there is the flesh body who seeks power and houses destructive thoughts, and will absolutely derail the soul, and the soul is permanently subjected because of it.

The circumstances come in life to allow you to decide for or against what is good for your everlasting peace. Peace is a must have ingredient while a men live in the flesh body, because it cannot be attained in the spirit body, or else them in the spirit world who are without it would have achieved it there. This is because the government of peace must be elected where the flesh body is present to deny itself to achieve. Such is in the silence of The Lamb of God whom when he was reviled not and humbled himself to the death of the cross....

When a man shall return to the earth, he shall take nothing, his only treasures are the sacrifices he made to the God of Life, who shall repay him with life everlasting. The man is rewarded with everlasting life when he loves his enemies, and forgive, and do those things that are consistent with The Word of God, which are laws that governs the universe and the spiritual.

The judge who made the decision to punish another human being had exercised punitively and subjectiveness over the life of another soul, has ensnared his/her own soul to be permanently subjected, decreed in the spiritual entity. Although the person who was sentenced by the judge did commit the crime for which he/she was sentenced, the laws in the spirit world universe pays no attention to the guilt of the other but is set to execute judgement upon those who execute judgement, for the law of the world is not the law of God. The government of the people of God is the church, which ought to be a government and not just an ecumenical body.

The man that granted justice by state capital execution to the victims of the killer is also guilty of murder and shall not escape the judgment

The man who is set to execute the murderer commits murder upon such execution, and by doing so his soul is eternally lost. Its complicated for man to understand the government of God and how it works and how things are done, but men assumed that they know the answers to their own problems, and The god of The World - who is the liar, had lied to them, and caused them continuity on such lies through a strong delusion. Therefore, because they asked not, they will never know the plan of God. They are lost forever, them who assumed authority over the world, and so are those who are sold on the lies they told. The governments of the world are not consistent within the will of God, neither are they familiar with God`s plan.

When the executor executes the capital punishment to the killer who murders the family members family:
  • He had not granted justice to the person was killed, because such a one cannot feel justified when he is already dead because:
    • If this person is in heaven then they would have forgiven their killer - or else they are absent from heaven
    • If they are in hell then they have more things to worry about that their killer. Furthermore, the unwillingness to forgive is what keeps them in hell
  • In granting justice to the family, where the family feels that such an action grants them justice, they themselves have not forgiven, and the appetite for revenged is forbidden - based on the very same conditions I am writing about now
  • As for the executor of the capital punishment, he is executing punitive punishment on a soul who had done him nothing....

Dynamic Execution of Violence

The man that incites violence with his mouth is guilty of violence committed by those who hears him. In the escalation of trifling occurrences there is temptation, and war erupts, and many lives are lost by slaughters and destruction of many things. Herein, a man through his pride and ego resists not the temptation to retaliate, for he must dance Infront of his onlookers. Therefore, he acted with fiery and indignation, and the spirit and government of The Red Horse ensued. Both sides came to believe that The God of Host is on his side, and in the victory of one over the other the victor claimed that God had granted him victory.

Whilst this, the God of host takes no side in the purpose of the destruction of life, and the god that sent them to war is the enemy. Therefore, let not a man say that he had defeated his enemy, for the enemy of both sides is the enemy that is the enemy and the enemy of peace. Therefore, let there be conversations against war, for God is a God of peace and love and sovereignty, and blessed are the peace makers, for they are children of God.

Blessed is he who consult with both sides and make peace, for in the pursuit of peace he brings understanding, and the eyes that were blinded are opened up to behold the enemy, who is a man`s ignorance, caused by The Red Horse. For when a man had drunken of such wine he is mad and furious, and is prone to accidents through impatience, for it is the spirit that haunts him. When he has awoken from that spirit he is in hell, there his eyes are open.

All them The Elect of God, be the peace makers of the earth and flee anger and violence. Let when the complaints come of one against another that yeh take not side with the one against the other, but that yeh study the matter wisely and give good advice, consistent with the will of God.

When violence is turned on it is hard to turn it off, for it has transcendence that triggers things from one stage to another, it escalates itself unto more violence. Then after anger had comes pride steps in to defend pride with threats of violence, then threats of violence resort to violence. Violence to become violent only need to begin, and violence itself will end violent. Therefore, the way to avoid violence is never to start it. By a man`s word he becomes violence, his demeanor and his gestures and words and disposition transferred the language of violence, then fear is felt because of the language of violence. Now fear in a man makes him dangerous. Therefore, the end result of violence has gone beyond what a man had first thought of himself as willing to do. Regrets came after, and for many a year to come.

Therefore, let the be attitude be the beatitude, and seek to show love to all and deescalate any situation that points awkward.

Say not those words that made sadden the hearts of your brethren and your fellow men, and when a man is down, don`t kick him but lift him hope. Show hope where there seems to be hopelessness, for this is also the duty of the peace maker. Be kind to those in need and help them that are helpless.

Delroy Young

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